Harvest Sun
Harvest Sun

Harvest Sun

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"Harvest Sun"

Oil on Scrap Side Board

Note from the Artist:

"He took me in the back to a plot of tilled ground where green plants towered 9 feet tall. I love to eat sunflower seeds. I put a handful in my cheek and spit the shells. They're the crab delicacy of the plant world. You take your time to enjoy them. 'These are giant sunflowers,' he says. The idea is two fold. Buy some cut sunflowers to adorn a home with. You look at the flower, maybe it's raining outside but this guy is open, smiling at you, face blooming yellow like the sun which grew it so large, and then in time when it dries, the seeds are edible. You can roast and salt them, or eat them plain.

'I want people to know how big they are.' He directed me to a pile of scrap wood which had been taken from the side paneling of an old house. I find the tallest intact piece. 'This will do.'"

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