Unle Katz' Dune Alpine Farm
Unle Katz' Dune Alpine Farm

Unle Katz' Dune Alpine Farm

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"Uncle Katz' Dune Alpine Farm"

Oil on Antique hard wood.

Note from the Artist:

"I met with Ron, the owner of a decent sized farmland. His great uncle, Abe Katz was a jew who immigrated to America from Russia in the late 1800's with his grandfather. Originally vegetable peddlers, they purchased a farmland on the island which lay close to a great sand dune. They grew a dairy empire on the land. Ron would work with his grandfather and uncle on the farm after school, 'Any chance I got." Years later his uncle passed, and passe along several relics from the farm's golden age; milking equipment, horse bridals and metals, tractors and tools, and one, an old sign which hung outside the dirt road leading to the main building. Katz had kept the original name, 'Dune Alpine.' 'Any chance you could add my uncle's name to this?'

Ron's boyish enthusiasm reminds me a bit of my grandfather. An air of pride surrounds him when he talks about his past. And so it was with honor which I restored the lettering and added great Uncle Abe Katz to the old, hard hunk of wood to hang inside of his farm museum, where other pieces stand firm - a legacy and a gift to posterity."

Photo #3: The sign in original condition.

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