Nude Girl in Winter with Red Umbrella
Nude Girl in Winter with Red Umbrella

Nude Girl in Winter with Red Umbrella

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"Nude Girl in Winter with Red Umbrella"
by Tiiu Wu

Oil on Canvas.
Frame sells separately.

Note from the artist:

"A foot of snow had fallen and my husband and I took the old 4 wheel drive pick up to the back of the property to the open field. We had nothing but a camera and the clothes on our back until we reached the vast stretch of white. A deep flutter of snow made the backdrop of trees almost disappear and the area silent for all except the soft, 'pat pat pat' of snowflakes landing.

The human body, a work of art in itself is the medium we added to the canvas nature provided us with. The umbrella, much reminding me of standing for the bus as a child in the rain. Offering protecting as well as a window into the elements while the world hurries by."

Dimensions: (L x W) 13.5" x 12.6"


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